Top 25 Travel Agent!

Top 25 Travel Agent!

I just made Travel Agent Magazine’s Top 25 Travel Agents of 2010 list! How exciting!

Here’s the link:

“Mexico is one of Ciccarelli’s specialties, but she likes to show clients the Mexico they don’t know, offering insights into the culture as well as selecting hotels that best suit their budget. “As a world traveler myself, I use my experience to create stress-free travel plans,” she says. She starts by asking questions to find out what they are really looking for. “Once the trip is designed, I will send a guidebook, offer suggestions on what to do, how to pack, where to eat and the best things to do to utilize the time they have. Once that is done, I contact the hotel or cruise line to make sure my clients are offered any additional upgrades or special attention they can get.”

Her biggest challenge, she says, is making the public aware that there still are travel agents. “Many think that online booking is the only way,” she says. “I find that it is a great opportunity to let them know how much knowledgeable advice a professional agent can give to help them select the right cruise line, hotel or resort for their budget and personal interest.”

One memorable trip was a 105-day around-the-world journey that took a couple to Australia, China, Thailand, India, Egypt and Spain. “It was a challenge to be sure that [they] had the proper transfers, air and time change calculated,” Ciccarelli recalls. “I can say the entire trip went off without a hitch. One flight was delayed and I was able to rebook before they knew what happened.”

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