Maroma and Maroma Secrets-Paradise in Riveria Maya!

Maroma and Maroma Secrets-Paradise in Riveria Maya!

Day 1- Maroma Resort-Paradise in Riviera Maya!


Leaving the hectic Cancun airport, there was a young man waiting to help us to the private transfer. Once I left the main highway and traveled through the jungle, I knew Paradise was near!!!
When you arrive there is staff to greet you. They know your name, and they offer you a margarita. (Nice!) Then the welcoming continues as you tour the lovely grounds. As you are escorted around the property, it is hard to take your eyes off of the amazing white beach and azure water. After our tour, we were escorted to our room. To get to our room, we had to pass through a balcony with a beautiful ocean lookout.  In our suite, there were flowers to greet us, an elegant oversized bathroom, and a bed with an ocean view.
Then we had to go to Freddie’s Bar. Beer and ceviche were waiting! A walk on the beach then time for a nap! Well, maybe not. I needed a pedicure. The spa is so peaceful I completely relaxed and enjoyed my much-needed pedicure! Then it was time for dinner. Grill night! We started with champagne and enjoyed some local fish, then capped the night off with a Frank Sinatra CD. No TV here! (Not like we need it, it’s so beautiful!)

Days 2-5: Maroma: I am amazed! I slept all night! Coffee and birds are waiting for us on our balcony. Day begins. Coffee is ready for 7:30am, Yoga at 9. Snorkeling at 11! Just ten minutes from Maroma is the 2nd largest reef in the world (the Belize Barrier Reef)! Thought I would be bored? I feel like I am lost in time, peaceful and content. Maroma is the perfect 5 star hotel, perfect setting, memorable views, warm and welcoming staff. Do we have to leave?

View of Maroma Hotel Entrance

I guess we do…on to the next place, Maroma Secrets! Check-in was efficient and friendly (always nice on a vacation!) We opted for a swimout room.

(Check it out here: ) All rooms here are jr. suites, and all but two buildings offer a room concierge, who will explain how your room operates and make dinner reservations if you need them. They are only needed at the Japanese restaurant, and if you want to sit at the chef’s table. (TIP- Do this immediately. Every night there is a restaurant closed, so you need to plan if you want to eat! 8PM is the time when they are full, so if you are with a group, there is an issue.) We got in at 9:30; couples seemed to get in quicker.
As far as the amenities go, the spa was lush and spacious, the pool in the swimout rooms was heated! (I’m not too fond of non-heated pools!) The gym was a bit on the small side, though. However, I really enjoyed it here. Beautiful rooms, nice staff, good food. (What more do you need?)

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