Eco Friendly Honeymoons & Vacations

Eco Friendly Honeymoons & Vacations

Earth Conscious families  feel good about choosing a vacation that helps the planet rather than add to its  environmental problems. So one of this year’s major trends — and undoubtedly a trend for years to come — is planning a eco friendly honeymoon or vacation, where small changes in travel plans can make a big difference.

Tips for an eco-friendly vacation:

1. Pack Light, don’t take more than you need.  Lighter luggage will lessen fuel consumption.

2.  Visit Eco-Friendly Resorts and Hotels

3.  Use public transportation when you are on vacation, which is not always a bus..many countries offer a monorail, train, ferries, and buses and subways.

4. Instead of a car rental, try the new SMART CAR–share a vehicle and get it only when you need it.

5. Use your digital camera instead of a disposable

Here are tips that you can use to conserve energy at home and on vacation:

1.  Consume Local Goods.  Purchase and Eat foods grown or harvested locally which will avoid excess fuel used in shipping.  Local wines, produce and meats will give you a better appreciation of where you live or visit while saving precious energy.

2. Conserve in home and in room energy.  Simply put–SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS!

3. Save on laundry–when staying in hotels, use your towels for two days, and your sheets for your entire stay. This saves water and heating fuel.


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