Top Ten Cities To Visit

Top Ten Cities To Visit

Travel and Leisure Magazine puts out a Top 10 List Each Year, according to a survey done by their readers.  If you are looking for a new place to visit, consider these Top Destinations:

Top 10 Cities in the US and Canada

1. New York

2. San Francisco

3. Chicago

4. Charleston, SC

5. Santa Fe

6. Quebec City

7. Montreal

8. Vancouver

9. Savannah, Georgia–First time on the list!

10. Victoria, British Columbia

Top Ten Cities in the World

1. Bangkok

2. Buenos Aires

3. Cape Town

4. Sydney

5. Florence

6. Cuzco, Peru

7.  Rome

8. New York

9. Istanbul

10. San Francisco

The cities were chosen by over 11,000 Travel and Leisure Magazine Subscribers rating the destination, properties and their recent experiences. If you suffer from the winter blues, choose one of these top destinations to visit or come up with a list of your own!  Visit for some great travel ideas.

Beautiful Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver

San Francisco in the evening

San Francisco in the evening

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