A Great Idea For A Fundraiser!

A Great Idea For A Fundraiser!

Do you know of an organization or charity that needs to raise a significant amount of funds? If you do NOT want to sell candy bars, then consider a unique and popular fundraising option with Bella Vacations.

Here is how the fundraiser works: Bella Vacations will arrange a luxury mid price vacation to the location of your choice. All travel arrangements are made at no cost to the organization. The organization will offer raffle tickets or chances to win for the price of $5-$10. Ticket sales need to cover the cost of the trip, and any funds over that will be earned by the charity.

Tickets are sold for a predetermined amount of time. The drawing is held on a specific date and time which is also predetermined. The winner then has the option of using the vacation as arranged, or the plans can be changed to any destination. Winners also have the option of adding additional travelers, upgrade/downgrade, etc. The winners have one year to use their free vacation.  A GREAT IDEA, a GREAT FUNDRAISER, and a SIMPLE WAY TO PROFIT!

For more information visit www.BellaVacations.Com

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