Girlfriend Getaways–a Hot New Travel Trend

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Girlfriend Getaways–a Hot New Travel Trend

By Lynn Kubrick Ciccarelli

Need some “time out”? The hottest new travel trend is a Girlfriend Getaway.

Womens attitudes are “we deserve a break “ from work and yes even our families. More and more married women as well as single women are taking off for a fun filled vacation with female only trips.

Instead of staying home while the guys are golfing, the girls are off on their own trips. Shopping, spa treatments, cooking classes in Tuscany, cruising, golf, visiting places that their husbands won’t go to are destinations the ladies are traveling to

For those that have more time to spend on their vacation exotic places are popular. China, Egypt, Africa, South America all top the list. Spa and wellness trips to self improve are also in demand. Wine and food maybe with the added bonus of a chef and cooking classes appeal to some.

Where are they going? Usually a long weekend is planned. Top destinations are ones that can be reached with non-stop flights. Good choices are South Beach, Cancun, Chicago New York , Las Vegas, Santa Fe. All are easy to get to and offer a wide variety of things to do. Cruises are another fun choice.

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