Ten Tips for Packing Light for Travel

Ten Tips for Packing Light for Travel

With todays new security standards and especially the extra luggage charges, I am encouraging my clients to pack as light as possible. Here are some great tips on packing for travel:

Packing Light, by Lynn Ciccarelli

1.       Start with a light weight suitcase. One that expands. Today travelers can be limited to 40-50 pounds per bag. To exceed the weight is very pricey.  $50- $80.

2.       Size matters. Start with a 20-22” suitcase. It is hard to over pack if your space is limited.

3.       What to pack? Only what you need!

4.       Make sure everything you pack can be used with at least 2 other things you packed. Have a well thought out wardrobe for travel. Have 2-3 pairs of basic color shoes.

Basic Elements of Travel

1 basic color skirt + 2 tops = 2 outfits

1 basic color pant + 2 tops = 2 outfits

1 basic color cardigan sweater that matches everything

5.       Purchase natural fibers with a knit weave. Something lightweight and easy to layer.

6.       Buy a ski sleeveless t-shirt. This takes ups very little room and can keep you warm if the weather turns cold

7.       Invest in a ¾ length trench coat with a removable lining. Looks good day or night. Easy to have a warm coat by adding the lining.

8.       Choose basic color shoes for pants and skirts. 1 pair of dress shoes and 1 good pair of walking shoes that are waterproof. Take a pair of lightweight smart looking tennis shoes that can be worn with casual pants and used in the gym.

9.       Toiletries- Purchase small sizes or refill sample sizes of hair products or skin products. FOR CARRY ON you can only take 3oz. liquids and only as many that will fill a 1 QUART Ziplock bag.

10.   ALL medications should be with you never in packed luggage.


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