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Bella Vacations has assisted hundreds of happy travelers on trips world wide. Lynn prides herself on planning vacations down to the last detail. Here is what some of Bella Vacation clients have to say:



Thank you so much! The trip was wonderful. The hotel was gorgeous and the view from my room couldn't be better. It was just lovely. I didn't have cell reception and didn't get a chance to thank you earlier. It was truly incredible. Stingray City is a must.


Thank you!!



March 2017


Hi Lynn,

We're at the Seafire. Fabulous accommodations! Thanks for the champagne! Massages in the morning!


Thanks for helping us make wonderful family memories!


Pat and all

March 2017


My wife and I asked Lynn to plan a trip to Maui for us following a 3-day conference I had in Oahu. She took time to listen to our needs and recommended the Andaz Hyatt as less noisy and more eco-friendly than some I suggested. She was so right! We loved the Andaz and found it very service oriented. Lynn got us a 6th night free deal with $400 airline credit, and Virtuoso added 2 comped daily breakfasts at the Andaz. She arranged all our flights to Oahu, to Maui, and home again taking seriously our need for a longer connection time than 57 minutes. She also booked a whale-watching tour for us in advance, and was happy to scout out other activities. I could not have been more happy with Lynn and her suggestions; her knowledge of Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands is impressive. Since we had not been to Maui before, we found her advice invaluable. We are using her to plan our next trip (with no business involved) to Costa Rica. I recommend her without qualification.


Mr. Bill (Bill Lenz)

May 2016


Hi Lynn.

We LOVED our trip. Mykonos Grand was probably the nicest hotel we've ever stayed at. The service was like no other. We really liked that we had just missed all the crowds in Mykonos. We didn't have to make reservations hardly anywhere and could pop into restaurants whenever we wanted with no or very short waits. All our flights and transfers went smoothly (besides my moment of panic that we weren't going to be able to check in to get back to Athens! - which did not end up being a problem at all).


The New Hotel in Athens was so unique and walking distance to everything we wanted to see and do. The Acropolis was so neat and the new museum is awesome. It was hard to return to reality after such a fantastic trip!


We have so many other places we would like to go. We're thinking of marking Oktoberfest in Germany off of our bucket list in 2016 or 2017. I'll keep you in the loop!


Thanks again for helping us plan the honeymoon of our dreams!



Oct 2015


Hi Lynn.

The whole trip was wonderful. Everything that you set up was perfect. It was just want we wanted and more.


It would not have been nearly as good if we had not had the ocean front room. For $440 I think that you should point everyone in that direction, even if their budget is tight.


We did tip liberally despite you saying it was a non-tip resort. The staff was so good, and we made more friends with the staff, than with other vacationers.


The Club Mobay membership was a God send. Like you said, I do not think that anyone should go without it.


If you need to add one more endorsement, to your probably already long list, Rosanne and I would be glad to provide one.


Now that I know no longer own a condo in Hilton Head I will look forward to booking many more vacations through you.


In a word, it was perfect.

Thank you so much,



July 2015


Hi Lynn.

We had a blast! Thanks so much for arranging everything, and adjusting our return to Lisbon.


The hotel in Evora was very hip and cool. The staff was not quite as friendly as the other hotels, but the room was very open layout and lots of natural light, so very nice. And we enjoyed our day and evening in the town — we ate outside in a delicious cafe and then went to hear some Fado music, the beautiful Portugese music on this unique 12-string guitar. We just felt like one night was enough to see what we wanted to see, and Brian was a little claustrophobic with the walled-in city and narrow streets with all the buildings white: he said he felt like a rat in a maze! lol


The Bairro Alto Hotel was wonderful. Eclectic, old meets hip, and the staff was fabulous. The rooftop bar offered a fabulous view. They had to move us into a difference room the 2nd night, which was just as lovely and actually had an even better view. Great location between two neighborhoods. We enjoyed walking around and eating and drinking.


Our drivers were great, friendly and knowledgeable. On Monday the weather didn’t cooperate on our drive to the coast (rain and fog) but it was still pretty scenery and enjoyable. Just one view we couldn’t enjoy: up on a really high ridge the fog limited what would’ve been a spectacular view. But during lunch in a seaport town the sun came out.


All in all the pace was perfect, the itinerary relaxed and easy. Accommodations fabulous. Wine and food delicious. People very friendly and spoke english.


I highly recommend it!

Thanks again,



June 2015



Thank you!

Yes we are LOVING the zilara! It is amazing. We keep talking about how perfect it is. Also, thank you so much for helping with the room upgrade. It makes it so much better - the room is incredible.


Thanks for everything


Keith & Mandy

June 2015



Hi Lynn.

I want to thank you so much for planning our wonderful family adventure.

It was fabulous. Entire staff was excellent.

Maria our tour guide for two days was outstanding. Super knowledgable. What a plus.


Thank you again.

Great job.


Michele Sr

June 2015



Moorea- Great first place to start. Did not have any trouble getting there and the travel from San Francisco was pretty painless compared to other people we met. We really liked the Hilton and our bungalow. We were able to go on a Moorea boat tour and swim with hump back whales during which was a highlight. It was definitely one of the most incredible things we have ever done (picture is attached that was taken from GoPro camera). Because it was mating season while we were there the whales were out and easy to find. We did some exploring outside of the hotel but not too much. We walked around Cook's Bay (picture attached) and went to great restaurant named Rudy's that was about an hour walk from the hotel. The restaurant will give you a ride back to your resort and also pick you up from there as well.


Bora Bora was our next stop. We loved the Hilton there as well and were amazed at the sheer beauty of everything. I attached one photo taken from the top view spot of the Hilton. We were not that impressed with the Polynesian night but that was one of our only complaints. During our stay we did another lagoon tour (with the rays and sharks) which we loved and also did a jet ski tour that was great because we got to really see the whole island that way.


I would definitely recommend dividing up the trip just like we did. Also, I would recommend telling anyone visiting there to buy a GoPro camera. A lot of people had them and it was a great way to capture all the beauty under the water. The four nights in each place was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a more magical trip and honeymoon.


Thanks for you all your help with the planning!








We just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Berlin, Vienna and Prague. Thanks to your guidance, the logistics were seamless, the hotels were exactly what we wanted and the scheduling of tours and "free time" was just perfect. The private guides were all so personable and knowledgeable and they added such fantastic perspectives to our time in each of those cities. We also enjoyed the ride from Vienna to Prague - stopping at Czesky Krumlov for a guided walk through a beautiful town. It was a great alternative to a long train ride. Thanks again for making our trip so enjoyable and "easy". We look forward to working with you again in the future.


Jam & Rick Henry

Jan and Rick

Oct 2014



Had the MOST wonderful time on our recent trip to France. Paris was as beautiful and romantic as I would have imagined. Then on to the French Riviera! A FABULOUS experience!


Lynn hand picked a most special hotel on the sea for rest and relaxation during our stay. Lynn makes traveling a GREAT experience. She takes care of the most minute details so you as a tourist can just sit back and enjoy with no worries.


She also makes sure when you get to your destination that you have a representative there to aid you should you have any unforeseen problems.


What a pleasure. I will NEVER travel without her planning. Thank you Lynn!


Jamie & Ron

Jamie & Ron

Jamie & Ron

Sept 2014



"Hi Lynn, thanks so much for checking in and for the lovely note that was waiting for me at home. The trip was absolutely fabulous and everything went extremely smoothly. You are right - the visit was brief. I thought that time would fly, but it was the opposite. It seemed like we were there a month because we packed so much into every day.

Thank you so very much for all of the time and effort you put in. It really showed! Our tour guides were fantastic - especially dear Lilly in Beijing! She was a hoot! My best,"


Lee Ann

June 2014



"Lynn, the trip was spectacular! Every detail was in place - we all felt so comfortable traveling and had great confidence that all would go well and it did! The only delay we encountered was returning home from Detroit and I think we fared much better traveling through Detroit vs. O'Hare. One tour guide, Lilly, in Beijing was particularly delightful. She was about 60 years of age and was a perfect match for my group! Assertive, great sense of humor and over the top accommodating to everyone!

Thanks for another fabulous adventure to China. I could never do this without you and am so grateful for your attention to detail!

One of these days, I'm going to plan a personal trip with you!"


Pittsburgh PA

June 2014



"Dear Lynn, thank you once again for your experienced insight in helping the boys and me plan our long-awaited trip to Italy. It was as wonderful as I ever imagined it could be. In fact, with your professional help and creative input, our special family vacation catapulted beyond my expectations.

If we didn’t encounter the weather delay issues, our journey would have been as perfect as ever! Your detailed attention to our wishes, personal tastes and logistics along with how you conveyed our preferences to your counterparts in Italy made our journey almost seamless. I was thrilled at your diverse and excellent choice of restaurants and activities, highly impressed with how well our guides were matched with my families’ interests and personalities and how comforted we felt about the fact that we could reach out to you if we were ever in a bind.


Understandably, I chose a more privileged, deluxe approach to touring Italy. However, I can’t help but think that you would be just as explicit, reliable and accommodating with anyone as you were with me.
Needless to say, I look forward to recommending your services to my friends and I certainly look forward to working with you again in the future.


Most sincerely,"

Vanessa Pasiadis

May 2014



"Hi Lynn, the trip was wonderful - Northern Italy is beautiful! If we had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Lake Como - the photo below is the view we had from the Hotel Tremezzo balcony in the evening. Milan was more fun than we’d heard, so that was a nice surprise. And the Cinque Terra tour was the highlight of the time in Santa Margherita.

The guides were all wonderful and the cooking class was a lot of fun. The hotels were all good - although the staff at the Palace Bonvecchiati was (with the exception of one front desk clerk) not very friendly. We did go back to Bistro de Venise - another fantastic meal and we had the same waiter as we did for Andie’s birthday last year!

The only hitch we had was the day we were supposed to take the train from Milan to Santa Margherita all the trains were cancelled because of a strike. I called Jen at IC Bellagio and she & Julie found us a driver within 30 minutes - costly but saved the day and I couldn’t believe she was able to pull it off so quickly.

Another great trip Lynn - thank you so much!! Hope all is well with you,"




"The trip was great! Everything was perfect hotels, travel arrangements and tour guides. I can't thank you enough for everything. You did a great job! If you want hear more details about the hotels or anything for future use - just give me a call."

Amy & John

Pittsburgh, PA



"In the modern age of self serve airline and price comparison websites, I am used to sacrificing convenience for cost, and my time for a deal. But when my husband and I began planning a wedding in Paris from Washington, DC, with all the moving parts we really needed a real person to help us manage planning, timing and accommodations for multiple trips and families. Enter Lynn Ciccarelli. Not only did she help both of our families find tickets to Paris leaving from cities all over the United States and provide us with beautiful recommendations for hotels (at a negotiated price), she introduced us to our wonderful on-the-ground Parisian event planner, who worked with us tirelessly (in a foreign language, no less) to help us plan the wedding of our dreams.

I am certain that without Lynn's enormously helpful guidance, including travel tips for our honeymoon in Morocco, planning a wedding in Paris from Washington, DC would have been next to impossible. But instead of the regret and stress that sometimes accompany long distance planning and travel, we worried about nothing being in such good hands.

I would definitely recommend using a travel agent for itineraries with multiple people, families, destinations or all of the above. Having Lynn's help made our experience a delight!

Thanks again, Lynn.


Becca Frank



"Hi Lynn, thank you so much for the reccomendation! The vacation was absolutely fabulous! We had a blast and the kids loved it. The resort was perfect for families and I wuold reccomend it to others. The beach was great and that is where we spent most of our time. The kids loved that people served them frozen slushies on the beach. Pina colodas are now their new favorite drink. The food was excellent and i dont think that we had a bad meal once. We did leave the resort on one day and did the Albotros katamaran trip to Isla Mujeres and it was the highlight of the trip. The kids loved the boat and walking around the little downtown village. Other than the slight luggage problem with the airlines it was a perfect trip. Thanks again for all you did!!"


Joe & Shannon

Dec 2013



"Lynn, Burt and I are so blessed to have had such a great trip together! We always enjoy each others company, and we thoroughly enjoyed our adventure! We enjoyed all the sights, sounds, smells, and opportunities that CA had to offer! We had interesting experiences and created fabulous memories! And I have 1,272 photos to prove it. Nope, it wasn't a typo and I am not a photographer :) plus a handful on my phone ;-).
Thanks for your help in planning our trip. You guided us in the right direction!"


Burt & Anne Rice

Oct 2013



"Thank you, Lynn, for planning such a spectacular honeymoon for us in Italy! It was a trip of a lifetime and we had such an amazing time! Our travels were seamless because you planned everything so perfectly... and we loved all of the hotels and activities that you selected for us! Thank you again for making our honeymoon so special! Grazie mille!"


Lauren & David



"Good morning, Lynn. I am still up at the wrong hours and sleeping at the wrong hours. But I wanted to thank you for your help in the planning of our French wedding trip.


Claire was just wonderful - with the typical French attention to small details that I relied on and trusted. Becca and Brian liked her a lot too - in fact, they had more of a rapport with her due to their age similarities.

The little Parisian house where we held the wedding was perfect - it is called Le 6 Mandel- in the Trocadero across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. We had the whole house and garden and it made it intimate and personal and perfect for an event such as ours. So I would heartily recommend Claire to anyone who needs her services.

I loved Amsterdam too. It took me a day or so to make the transition from the Paris sensibility to the Dutch one. But I am a convert and do want to return to Amsterdam someday soon.

I agree with you that Europe is just so crowded all the time now. Paris and Amsterdam were mobbed with people. I think it is only possible to travel to the big European capitals and have some space to oneself is in the dead of winter. I spent a week in Florence a few years ago in February and it was the only time the crowds were bearable. So... thanks again.





"All the thanks to Lynn for helping us plan our beautiful honeymoon in Bora Bora!"


Amanda and Sean Truby



"Lynn, thanks again for all of your help. We had a great time thanks to your advice, support, and expertise. Attached is a photo from our candlelit, beach front dinner."



"Hello! This group shot I got from the Prescos last weekend. We were discussing how great the trip was-thanks so much for all you did. Have a great holiday and we may be calling soon to discuss a Disney World vacation next December with the whole family! Just don't have the dates set yet."





"Hi Lynn, Here are some photos of our vacation Rick has some on his phone of the wineries too! All I want to say is Thank you so much for every thing!! Anyone looking at your website. I would like them to know that in all of our years of travel we have never met anyone like you! not only are you professional, extremely well educated on every aspect of the travel business. You Lynn take it one step further... you make it so much FUN! I so enjoyed our conversations about travel and everything else. When I panicked "how do I pack for a month and 3 different climates?" no worries, you walked me through that too. I look forward to a long happy relationship togher full of lots of travel, adventure and laughter! Most fondly."


The Pollocks



"Lynn Ciccarelli was wonderful to work with and made our planning so easy. Everything was seamless from the time we left Pittsburgh to the time we returned. She patiently answered my millions of questions on what to prepare before heading to Jamaica and picked the most perfect resort for us that fit within our budget. No problems mon - we had a great time!"


Ashley Moss & Justin Kurkiewicz



"Hi Lynn, I wanted to thank you again for your help in planning the wonderful trip that my daughters and I took to Oahu recently. Your hotel recommendation was fabulous - we had so much fun! It truly was a once in a lifetime trip for us! These photos are the view from our ocean-front balcony. We saw a rainbow every day! I am looking forward to planning another adventure with you in the future! Thanks again!"


Karen, Erin and Laura



"Hi Lynn, this is probably my favorite. It was our first sight of Machu Pichu. We probably sat and soaked up the mountains and view for 20 minutes. It took our breath away! This picture also reminds me of the wonderful lunch we had at the Sanctuary that day. We launched ourselves into a buffet that was beyond comparison. My favorites were all the delicious vegetable dishes and the soft ice cream for dessert. YUM!"



Lisa G. Edelman



"Here we are at the restaurant and you can see the clams and other goodies. Once again, you made this trip quite a trip of a lifetime and we thank you over and over. Pictures can't show how wonderful things really are and Jack says we have to visit to enjoy so expect more vacation business from us... hopefully next year! Don't know where or when but it will be great. Thanks again,"





"Lynn, this is me 11 months after a liver transplant hanging out in Jerusalem. Thanks for help getting here. Love and Kisses,"





"Lynn, you are an absolute genius. You planned the perfect honeymoon for my wife and I. The manager of every hotel greeted us upon arrival and knew it was our honeymoon. Fresh fruit and champagne waited for us in every room. The hotels you selected were all breathtaking. Each had views which are simply indescribable. I would never have been able to even find these hotels had I planned the trip myself. My wife and I remarked thought the trip that the vacation was brilliantly planned. We never once had to wait for any of the several transfers you arranged for us, each island was more spectacular than then next and each hotel was more stunning than the last. Thank you for everything! We will use you for all travel in the future."


Brock and Missy Dubin



"Hi Lynn, I am attaching a few of my favorite photos from St. Lucia. The island was absolutely gorgeous and the hotel was stunning. The food was fantastic and the locals were extremely friendly and pleasant. We had the most amazing time and we couldn't have imagined a more perfect place for our honeymoon. The Anse Chastane had the perfect blend of activities and relaxation. We snorkled, scuba dove, jungle biked and went sailing. Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the planning process. You were always very responsive and we appreciate your advice and quick responses to our questions. You were a pleasure to work with. We will definitely recommend you to all of our family and friends for their travel needs. Thank you for helping us to achieve the perfect honeymoon! Best,"


Jackie & Scott Beatty



"Hey Lynn, we just wanted to thank you so much for planning our trip. We had a fabulous time! The resort was amazing and the food was delicious. We had a good time shopping in Playa- we couldn't believe how safe we felt in town. Playa is such a cool area. We did go to Tulum one day- it was very hot! It was neat to see though. We took a bus down on our own and we walked around the ruins. I would definitely recommend the Royal to anyone going to Mexico - it was great! Thanks again for your help and I hope we can talk soon."





"Hi Lynn, we had a fabulous trip thanks to you and your travel knowledge! Secrets Maroma Beach, was the BEST resort for our honeymoon. I would highly recommend you to friends and family looking to book a trip! We will be sure to book through you for years to come. Everything was planned perfectly. Thank you!"


Jamie & Ryan Rayburg


"From the time we arrived in Cancun, we knew that we chose the right person to go through. The private Mercedes Benz transfer from the Airport to Secrets Maroma Beach made everything seem so incredibly personal. Upon arrival, they had immediately upgraded our room to include an Ocean View. We had the perfect weather the whole week. There were many different restaurants to go to, all of them were terrific! Lynn really set us up perfectly and we cannot wait to book again with her."


Joseph Kirin



"Thank you, Lynn, for arranging our trip to Grand Cayman. The island is beautiful, the hotel is fabulous, and the service is incredible. Thanks to you and your contacts at the Ritz, this vacation was truly a VIP experience."


Laurie Moroco



"When my husband and I decided to travel around the world, we had no idea how much advance planning would be involved! We could not have done it without Lynn's help! Not only did Lynn find and book tours, make flight arrangements, schedule private transfers, and secure wonderful accommodations, she followed along with our 3-month sojourn making certain that nothing went awry during our trip. Knowing that Lynn was always on top of things, we were able to relax and enjoy "worry-free" our visits to Australia, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Egypt and Spain."


Mike & Barbara Mohajery



"Hi Lynn, trip was Fabulous!!! A ++++. We had a great time. The Maroma is beautiful. We loved that it was small and personal. Staff was warm and nuturing. Wonderful. I'm thinking I forgot to send you a group picture. The first one is us at lunch at the restaurant on the beach. First row is Julie, Brian, Lisa, Rhonda. Second Row is John E and John B. The other picture is sitting at Freddy's on the beach. I have lots of pictures -- if you want something of the property, let me know."


Lisa Edelman



"Lynn, Christy and i just wanted to say thank you again for planning our honeymoon. Everything exceeded our wildest dreams. Don't be surprised if you hear from us or some of our friends in the near future! It was so nice to be able to talk with someone who was so familiar with the area and was able to give us suggestions of places to visit. We never would have left the resort if it weren't for your advice. Once again thank you for planning our dream honeymoon. P.S. we decided to attach a couple of pictures from the trip. I'm sure you know where they were taken, but they are Tulum, Aventura, and LeBlanc!"


Jake Halasowski


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