Certified Virtuoso Travel Planner


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it mean to be a Certified Virtuoso Travel Planner?

To be certified means that an agent has taken all of the required classes and that a professional has certified that the agent has completed study in their area of specialization. A Virtuoso Travel Planner belongs to the Virtuoso Travel Consortium, an international consortium of travel professionals that are known and recognized for luxury travel planning. Virtuoso Travel Planners are known and respected in the travel industry as being among the top travel professionals in the business.


Q. Does it cost more to use a Virtuoso Agent?

No! In fact, you can relax and know you are being taken care of by an expert agent with excellent training and knowledge. Expect a Virtuoso Agent to give you expert guidance and planning for your vacation.


Q. Why should you use a travel agent instead of booking online yourself?

  • Save time. A professional agent can find the best rates in a matter of minutes not hours.
  • Save money. Travel agents have access to better rates and more perks than you are able to get. Cruise lines often work with agencies and offer great shipboard bonuses. Certain hotels and resorts offer to discounts for AAA and others for American Express, MasterCard or their best rates might be directly with the hotel. A good agent will know this.
  • Knowledge of different products. An experienced agent will work to have a great experience for their client. How is this achieved? By matching the right cruise line, tour company, hotel, or rental car company for that clients needs and expectations.
  • Guidance. There are so many travel products to choose from. All of them have different areas that they are good at. A travel agent can help you decide which one it the right company for you.


Q. How does a travel agent earn money?

All travel packages except airline tickets include a commission paid to an agency if you book through one. If you book online, the online company will be paid the commission. If you book with the resort or travel company/hotel then the resort keeps the commission. If you have used a travel agent to research your vacation, you should allow the agent to book the vacation so that he/she will be paid for their time. Travel agents are paid their commission after you have completed your trip.


Q. If I use a travel agent will the price be higher?

Most travel is priced according to demand. The higher the demand the higher the price. Most of the time it pays to book ahead because often companies will offer early booking discounts. Using a travel agent does not add to the price of the vacation, and often a travel agent will be made aware of reductions in pricing or other special offers such as complimentary upgrades, etc. These special offers are designed to add new sales, so the resort or travel company will not let you know about them if you are already reserved, however, a good travel agent will.


Q. How do I know if my travel agent is appropriately trained? Are there special trainings or credentials?

In the travel business experience is important, but its also important to be continually updated and refreshed with options in this industry which is constantly changing and improving. A good agent will know how to book a tour or a cruise for you.


A great agent will ask the questions that reflect what you are looking for in a trip. Whether it is finding the best cabin in the most quiet part of the ship or booking with a land tour company that is geared towards fulfilling the client’s dream of visiting an exotic destination. This is what a travel agent offers you.


Not all travel agents are trained, but if the agent you are using has had specialized training, they will be referred to as a specialist in... or certified in... you need to ask. If you are working with a specialist then you can expect them to be able to offer customized itineraries. All aspects of the trip can be done from the private car transfer pick up at the airport to booking a particular room at a hotel, and then hiring a private tour guide to complete the trip. Self-drive trips can also be custom designed. This can enrich your experience and make a trip the best experience you have ever had.

Bella Vacations is affiliated with Cassis Travel Services, Inc. (#1014633-40).

Bella Vacations is affiliated with Cassis Travel Services, Inc. (#1014633-40).